"Ignorantia legis non excusat"

Scope of Services

Depending on the needs of our Clients we prepare and implement various business projects:
  1. we create, merge, transform and liquidate commercial law companies
  2. we provide advice on the legal aspects of purchase or sale of companies and their properties
  3. we prepare acts of incorporation and statutes for companies, foundations and associations
  4. we provide legal services for business restructuring
  5. we prepare legal analyses and proposals concerning companies, enterprises and real estate
  6. we draft and negotiate various agreements and contracts
  7. we prepare drafts of management contracts and employment contracts for members of boards and for other authorities of companies
  8. we prepare systems of remuneration for members of management boards
  9. on behalf of our Clients we service and carry out real estate purchase projects; we implement financing of various projects
  10. we provide counselling concerning income tax, tax on goods and services (VAT), excise tax (also in cases of transformation and liquidation of companies)
We represent our Clients in the following proceedings:
  1. judicial proceedings (standard civil as well as commercial cases before all instances - in particular pertaining to the execution of contracts, payment claims, indemnity claims based on contractual and tort liability)
  2. labour law proceedings
  3. execution proceedings
  4. proceedings conducted before the organs of governmental and local-government authorities
  5. proceedings conducted before the tax authorities
  6. proceedings conducted before the Administrative Courts