"Ignorantia legis non excusat"

Our objectives and values

The aim of W.Paturej Law Firm is to provide top quality legal services. We believe we have been able to achieve it and we still continue to work towards improving further the quality and the scope of our counselling. The personal involvement in realized projects ensures that we maintain the high quality of our services. Our efforts are acknowledged by a growing number of prominent Clients. Our thorough knowledge of Polish legal system makes our successful cooperation with Clients change into long-term partnerships.

Thanks to successful cooperation with numerous demanding entrepreneurs and participation in many complex projects, our team has acquired and still broadens in-depth knowledge of the legal problems occurring in the Polish economical environment. Thanks to our endeavors in this field we have learned how to deal with legal problems and difficulties encountered in business activity.All of our lawyers are Polish. It enables us to better understand all legal aspects and the prevailing conditions of doing business in Poland.