"Ignorantia legis non excusat"

About us

Our law firm has been actively operating on Polish market from 1990. As ??W. Ozimi??ska Law Firm Limited Partnership? we established a very close cooperation with HRC Group ?? one of the leading personnel and business advisory company on Polish market. Currently the law firm is named ??W. Paturej Law Firm Limited Partnership? (established in 2005) as a result of the ownership changes.
Our operations are based on the constant development of our ability to solve complex legal problems as well as the following the amendments in Polish Law and newly emerging areas of law. Thanks to the trust of our Clients we are able to work on innovative projects and provide entrepreneurs with professional services. In addition to Polish language, we also provide legal advice in English.

The basic assumption of our law firm is to take advantage of our legal expertise and experience in order to:

  1. provide comprehensive legal services for specific business purposes and business projects
  2. achieve and maintain a consistent high quality of our services and legal counselling
The firm is a dynamic and creative team of lawyers. Their main advantages are excellent knowledge of the current legislation and binding legal regulations. Furthermore our lawyers are always deeply involved in each project. Currently the team consists of professional lawyers including legal advisors, legal trainees and also recent law-school graduates. All of them graduated from prestigious Polish and foreign universities.